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By David Wilson, Oct 14 2018 03:27PM

There are many different styles of filming when using a drone, once you are proficient at flying and experienced in setting exposure, shutter speed etc, you tend to find the style which suits you and gives you the most visual satisfaction. When filming moving objects one tends to fly lower and use faster cuts (no transitions between clips). Flying low allows the viewer the sense of speed, fast cuts make the scene more dynamic and represents energy, power, or urgency. My personal preference is filming landscapes, I tend to film at a higher altitude (80 to 110 metres), flying at a higher attitude gives the illusion that the drone is flying slower, although often it is travelling at speeds in excess of 40 mph, also, it allows the viewer time to take in the beautiful landscape. I also tend to use simple transitions such as fades between clips and mix the music to suit the scene. I have been flying and filming since early 2016, but, I am still learning in regard to composing the shot and post-production techniques. I produce my videos in a style that pleases me and hope the viewer enjoys them, At the end of the day, we all like different things and have different tastes.