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Opened by Sir David Attenborough in September 1986, Farningham Woods Nature Reserve sits atop a hill just to the north of Farningham village and commands views over the Kent countryside all the way to Dartford to the north and Sevenoaks to the south.


A Site of Special Scientific Interest, Farningham Woods is one of the most valuable areas of woodland in Kent. A healthy 168 acres in size, it is home to the Small-Leaved Lime, a rare tree which is only found on one other site in Kent, and several other unusual plants, including the largest British colony of the nationally rare Deptford Pink.


The unusual remoteness and peaceful nature of the woods means that it is a great place for quiet walks, and as such has quickly become a local favourite in addition to being a distinctive local landmark.




Aerial  Flight Over Farningham Woods,  Kemt...

Aerial  Flight Over Farningham Woods,  Kemt...